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Are the wallpapers acid-free?
Yes, all papers are acid-free archival stock.

What size are the papers?
One inch scale papers (numbers start with “1”) are 11.5” x 18”. Half inch scale papers (start with “H”) are 5.5” x 8.5”. Quarter inch scale papers (start with “Q”) are 2.75” x 4.25”.

What kind of wallpaper paste should I use?
We sell our own brand of paste. If you want to purchase another miniature wallpaper paste or regular wallpaper paste, be sure that it is silicon-free. Pastes intended for plastic-coated full-size wallpapers may contain silicon, which can cause spotting on printed papers.

Are the quilts made of fabric?
No, the quilts are printed on a fiber-reinforced material and then embossed to create very realistic raised quilted areas. The material doesn’t drape like soft fabric, but can be arranged and glued into folds without tearing.

Do the fabrics bleed?
Our silks and cottons are commercially printed, and may be steamed without bleeding. Colors may not be identical to the wallpapers, especially on thin silks, but all fabrics will blend with the papers from their grouping.

Do you offer rush shipping?
Sorry, due to our small family’s need to juggle work time with caring for elderly family members, we are unable to promise rush shipping at this time.
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