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One Inch Wallpaper

One inch scale papers are 11.5" high by 18" wide. Many have coordinating silk fabrics.

Arts & Crafts
Simple, flat designs, often based on naturalistic themes, characterize this period.
Beribboned chintz in both bold and pale colorways have tone-on-tone companion prints.
This period featured more delicate colors of taupe, dusty rose, light green, aqua, pink and pale blue.
Elegant florals, including a non-repeating mural with a pagoda theme
Traditional toile de Jouy, coordinating checks, stylized florals.
High Victorian
Favorite High Victorian colors of olive green, brown, rusty red, yellow ochre, teal and burgundy.
Jungle Prints
Our hallmark exotic animal prints with fabric to match.
Kitchen and Nursery
By special request, designs for favorite rooms with coordinating fabric and rugs.
Acid green, rubine red, gold and Wedgewood blue are the colors of this grouping.
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